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What are the advantages of GrowModule 365?


Proud to be British 

Each GrowModule is designed and manufactured in Great Britain. This is the only sustainable indoor growing module in the world with the technology capable of growing leaf, baby vegetables and fruit and we’re extremely proud that this innovation has been delivered in the UK!

Year Round Growth 

Regardless whether it’s day or night, Winter or Summer, GrowModule 365 will grow all year round with the use of innovative climate technology and state-of-the-art growing equipment.

Weatherproof Growing 

In traditional growing, the most pivotal factor in your harvest is the weather. Our GrowModules can be placed anywhere in the world, no matter the climate!

Smart Growing 

Farming is considered a labour-intensive industry. However, our pre-built system allows you to easily and remotely monitor your GrowModule
using a computer application. We also provide a 12 month training programme to ensure you’re fully clued up on how to grow smartly & sufficiently! Ready, set, grow!

Great Tasting Produce 

This is the most important factor of a sustainable growing system. We hold over 10 years of growing experience, growing & delivering fresh
produce to some of the UK’s top chefs. We can guarantee the flavour from our produce is something you cannot buy off a shelf!

Zero Food Miles 

Passionate about where your food comes from? So are we. Growing with GrowModule will mean your leaf, vegetables and fruit can be sourced from plant to plate, with zero food miles – ethical and convenient!