The only portable & scalable farming unit capable of growing beautifully nutritiousĀ young vegetables, leaf & fruit!

Bunzl Speciality Businesses have joined forces with specialist grower Ken Holland to launch GrowModule 365 in the UK, perfecting a sustainable indoor growing system cultivating not only the freshest, super tasty leafy greens in record time, but also the ability to grow soft fruits and flavourful young vegetables all year round!

Paul Brown Managing Director of GrowModule 365 says: “GrowModule365 represents over 10 years research and development by our partner and Director Ken Holland and to the best of our knowledge, our concept, technology and knowhow is totally unique in its ability to successfully grow root vegetables as well as leaf”.

“This is one of the most exciting projects I’ve ever been fortunate enough to be involved with. From local cottage industries, to solutions for national growers and potentially a food growing solution to aid developing countries around the world – who knows where this journey could lead! Watch this spaceā€¦”

It’s envisaged that this technology will be welcomed and strongly benefit several industry sectors, including:-

  • Defence/MOD
  • Education
  • Travel Operators (Airlines, Rail Operators, Cruise Ships etc.)
  • Prison Services
  • Urban City Dwellings
  • Save the World
  • Remote Bases
  • Retail
  • Fresh Produce Suppliers
  • Contract Caterers
  • Hoteliers and Restaurateurs

The company, based in Peterlee, Co. Durham has designed and commissioned the build of a pre-built system which contains all of the required components for commercial food production and enables anyone to grow fresh produce all year round, regardless of weather, location or ability.

Ken Holland has conducted over 5 years of rigorous trialling and growing to ensure that each GrowModule cultivates only the very best tasting and highest quality fresh produce, using the most cutting edge technology.

Ken adds: “GrowModule 365 utilises game changing technology to ensure optimum performance. Each module contains a fully remote controlled growing system that you can operate from anywhere in the world! You can even monitor the GrowModule using an app when you shut down for a few weeks holiday! This is the future of smart growing”.

Using 90% less water than open-field farming methods, the GrowModule is a revolution in the way we grow our food. Crops will be completely unaffected by harmful chemicals, unpredictable climates and pests which come as factors in traditional growing.

The vision at GrowModule 365 Limited is to provide any individual, community or organisation with the education, the tools and the opportunity to grow and consume fresh produce all year round.