Where Can You Grow?

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The answer is simple – you can grow anywhere you can fit a shipping container!

From offshore bases struggling with the lack of fresh produce, to companies looking to reduce their carbon footprint and become self-sufficient,
each GrowModule is built to customer requirements.

With an electricity and water supply, anyone can grow using GrowModule 365 – it’s ease of carriage as well as its compact size allows it to be transported to any desired location. Our growing systems use 90% less water than traditional open-field farming methods, allowing your produce to be completely unaffected by unpredictable climates and harmful pesticides!

Here are some (but certainly not all) of the industry sectors we feel would benefit hugely from becoming part of the GrowModule revolution:-

Defence/Ministry of Defence

Developing Countries


Travel Operators (Air, Rail, Sea)


City Dwellings

Remote/Offshore Bases

Retail Sector

Fresh Produce Suppliers

Contract Caterers

Hospitality Sector


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